Peering Policy

This policy outlines the requirements for parties that wish to peer with Vatora Technologies Limited and any downstream networks on AS206634.
Vatora Technologies Limited reserves for right to refuse peering to any party.

    Operational Requirements

  • Peer must maintain a complete and current profile.
  • Peer must maintain a 24x7x365 operational contact and provide an escalation matrix for addressing outages or abuse.
  • Peer must operate a dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) network using a public autonomous system number (ASN).

    Interconnection Requirements

    Technical Requirements

  • Peer must announce its own routes and its customers’ routes consistently and uniformly at all locations.
  • Peer must not establish a static route or route of last resort towards Vatora Technologies Limited's network.
  • Peer must maintain a comprehensive and documented BGP community scheme for marking prefixes sent to its peers, including, but not limited to, identifying prefix origin (incl. City, State/Province, Country, Continent) and prefix type (customer, internal).
  • Peer must accept any appropriately IRR-registered prefix announcements up to /24 in length for IPv4 and /48 in length for IPv6.